Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Queen's Confidante

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This was one of those books. As in one of, I mean if I didn't need a Q book asap I would have dumped this and carried on my way. 

This was one of those books that does make me shy away from historical fiction. It was set after the War of the Roses, and is talking about Henry and his family since he won. And his wife Elizabeth's (formerly of York) desire to have wax effigies made of the dead. And she gets a commoner to do this. And then tells her all her secrets. And there is a sexy knight. You always need a sexy knight.

I have many problems with this book, but I do think it is summarised best with my status updates while reading it:

"Oh, this is going to be one of "those" books. "I accepted my payment from John and Clement - yes, that's right; that was his name - ..." Umm... your point being? It's a common name. I went to school with a Clement and a Clementine... /sigh". Also now I'm thinking about it. It was a Pope's name. In 92AD. FFS!! It was 1408 years old as a name when you were writing the book woman!!!

"Now the Italian speaks with a dreadfully written German accent, and apparently in the 1500s people used the phrase "jolthead"."

 "Despite the aforementioned issues and couple of historical inaccuracies, it is pulling me along at quite a pace so I can see what happens."

"I had begun to forgive the writing until she throws in words randomly like "mayhap" every 30 pages or so. Enough to jar as unfamiliar and out of place, but a 'reminder' we are in history."

It was a quick read. It was kinda fun. It was horribly written and historically inaccurate.

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