Maps of Where I am Reading

I'm a visual person. And I am also a big stats nerd. I like stats and data, therefore I like seeing what I have actually achieved. So here they are if anyone's interested at all.

Around the World Reading

This Map has two layers to it. It has the books that were on my original Around the World reading list of 52 (at the time) books, and then the reading I've done since. You can view the layers separately or together.

Other Reading

I've also realised that while I do most of my reading normally in the States and the UK, I have no idea where abouts. So I'm going to start mapping those too. These maps start with my 2013 reading.

UK Reading

States Reading

Aussie Reading

I'm also making an Aussie map so I can make myself read more Aussie books. I love them when I read them, so I need incentives to read more. A piddlely looking map is a start

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