Saturday, 4 January 2014

Grave Dance

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While on this little urban fantasy interlude, I decided to pick up Grave Dance, the second of the Alex Craft novels I enjoyed in February The covers don't get better just by the by. We pick up with Alex a month after the last book finished. Death is handing around in his deathy kinda way, but faery boy has gone missing. And Alex is trying to deal with some of the repercussions and revelations that obligatorily occurred during the last books climax. However, the police ask her to come investigate some chopped off feet, and all of a sudden people start sending magical constructs to try and kill her.

This was a weaker book than the first one, definitely. It was still fun, but I got bored a few times with it. It also got a lot more convoluted. And I don't know how much of that story I needed in this book. Honestly it felt like a lot of it was just set up for the next book. And I hate that when people do that. Tell me that next book if it's important. Or leave it out.

But this all being said it's still, like I said before, fun. we have surly, sarcastic Alex, hot Death, hot faery boy (he shows back up), cool witchy or faery housemates/friends, gargoyles, ghosts, hairless dogs, etc. We learn a lot more about Faery which is definitely interesting. The world building is still great. We just needed an edit I think.

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