The Original Around the World Challenge List*

Afghanistan - The Kite Runner
Algeria – Wolf Dreams Can't get so will read What the Day Owes the Night instead
Botswana - The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Brazil - The Zahir
Burma - Saving Fish From Drowning Crap on a stick. Will try From the Land of Green Ghosts instead.
Canada – The Blind Assassin
Czech Republic – The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Chile - Zorro
China - Wild Swans
Columbia - Love in the Time of Cholera
Congo - Heart of Darkness
Denmark – Smilla's Sense of Snow
Dominican Republic – In the Time of Butterflies
Egypt - Respected Sir
El Salvador – The She-Devil in the Mirror
Estonia – Purge
Ethiopia – Cutting for Stone
Faroe Islands - The Old Man and His Sons
Finland – The Summer Book
France – Les Liaisons Dangereuses  Changed to The Elegance of a Hedgehog as I have wanted to read it for ages and Canty's had it the other day.
Germany – Steppenwolf  Need to revisit Germany another time. I cannot believe one of the largest countries in Western Europe only has this to offer me.
Greenland  and Togo – An African in Greenland  Not sure exactly which country it will count for yet until I read it. Both.
Hawaii - Mahu
Iceland – From the Mouth of the Whale
India – The Inheritance of Loss
Iran – My Uncle Napoleon  The Cypress Tree
Italy – The Name of the Rose
Jamaica – Midnight Robber
Japan - Norwegian Wood
Kazakhstan -  Night Watch
Laos - Bamboo Palace
Lebanon – Women of Sand and Myrrh
Lithuania – Between Shades of Gray
New Zealand - Pounamu Pounamu
Nigeria - The Famished Road
Norway – Out Stealing Horses
Malaysia – Evening is the Whole Day Book Depository cancelled this on me the same day I received The Garden of Evening Mists so I'm taking it as a sign.
Mexico -The Lacuna
Pakistan – A Case of Exploding Mangoes
Poland – Solaris
Romania – The Appointment
Russia – Anna Karenina
Saudi Arabia - Wolves of the Crescent Moon
Samoa - Telesa
Spain - The Shadow of the Wind
Solomon Islands - Devil-Devil
South Africa – A State of Symmetry  Terribad. Zoo City instead
Sri Lanka - Running in the Family  Changed to Anil's Ghost again as Canty's had this, but not Running in the Family.
Sweden - Popular Music from Vittula: A Novel
Thailand – The Windup Girl
Trinidad and Tobago - Valmiki's Daughter
Turkey - Seven Houses