Tuesday, 19 July 2011

One Book Down, Fires and Turtles

From 8 July 2011:

Finished Hand Me Down World yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised. However, I will not discuss it here. I get in trouble for discussing Book Club books before Book Club. I recommend it however, and promise I will talk about the embargoed opinions at some stage.

I’ve been slower out of the blocks on this "Challenge” than I would have liked. However, I do need to remind myself I am not Mrs Langford, who inhales books. I shall focus on actually reading instead of meaning to and then rarely doing it.

With the weather at the moment I remember a winter holidays in Uni, where we were living in a house where the central heating broke for June/July (the fact that we had no oven in the house for 6 months is another story).  Luckily we had a slow combustion fire, and it was in front of this, I plonked myself for those 6 weeks with book after book. I got up from my leather chair to sleep, work, wash, cook and eat. I think I need one of these again. Not sure the gas heater is the same, and I think my partner would be grumpy with the leather chair plonked in the middle of the room and corridor.

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