Thursday, 19 March 2015

Succubus Blues

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I picked this up as I loved the first season of Lost Girl. I enjoyed the second. Don't get me started on the third. But I knew that this book was what the series was based off, although nothing really like it. A truer word was never spoken. The main character is a succubus. There is a dark and light side in the supernatural world. Similarities end.

However, I loved this book. It was trashy and silly, but fun. Georgina is a succubus but a reluctant one. She works in a bookshop and completely fan girls out over authors. The supernatural world was interesting, different, and plays on one of the more interesting and confusing verses in the Bible that has caused centuries of speculation.

For a book about a succubus there is not as many sexy times as you would think, but they are well written when they appear. I will be very interested in following Georgina's next adventures, either succubusy or just solving mysteries.

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