Sunday, 27 October 2013

Mahu - #40

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Oh this book is just fun. Murder mystery, surfing, Hawaii, hot boy on boy action. What's not to love?!

The trimming's aside, this is a great little police procedural, murder mystery style book. Murder happens, policeman makes mistakes, rapidly tries to cover up mistakes while solving crime, gets kicked off case, must solve crime at all costs and does. I would mark that as a spoiler, but really. All of us who read crime fiction or murder mysteries knows that's how it goes. It's like the quote from That's Entertainment of either Frank Sinatra or Gene Kelly (I'd have to crawl under the house to get the VHS to tell you which one). Everyone knows the plot to a musical is "Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy looses girl. Boy sings song and wins girl back." It's not a spoiler if we all know that's going to happen!

So disclaimers aside about spoilers, this book does it well. Throw in Hawaii for a nice change of scene. And more importantly for cultural twists on the coming out story. Mind you, that did surprise me somewhat. As well as the workplaces response. There is no workplace in this country that could have responded to an employee coming out like that that would not get it's arse sued off for discrimination and wrongful dismissal. I have a hard time believing that in a country like the States where you seem to be able to sue any one for anything, that this was not an issue.

However the book reminded me again and again we were not in the States, we were in Hawaii. There were a large mix of cultures and traditions at play here and it was interesting to learn about them all. Kimo's family particularly is one we get a good glimpse into and learn a few of their customs and quirks.

Maybe again, not the best on the train read. Although the cover is pretty inconspicuous. But if you are prone to blushing like myself, maybe not the best place to read this book. The sex isn't graphic and usually tastefully dealt with with the literary equivalent of the fade out. I realise that with masculine sexuality there may be a bit more physicality to some sexual experiences, but I did feel there was a few scenes where sex was used as a power play thing, and danced around the edges of sexual abuse. But we never got to the line, let alone fell over it. It just was a little... off... at times. But when it was all with good intentions, I have absolutely no problems with that or the amount of nipples. There's lots of nipples.

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