Monday, 29 July 2013

Invisible Monsters

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I have spent a lot time recently reading how wonderful Chuck Palahniuk is on reddit. So when I didn't have a firm i option for my alphabet, I thought I'd pick up this book that has been on my shelves for years and years. I loved Fight Club, as most people did. My housemates swear some of his other books are great. This one, not so much.

This book is about a model who has been shot in the face, parts of her rehabilitation, mainly the woman she meets in there who is going under gender reassignment surgery, her life afterwards and her life before. They are all horrible people. I really need to stop reading books about horrible people I could not stand being in a room with. There was a plot, and I couldn't really care about it. I wasn't really bothered.

Bluntly, if I wasn't stuck on a plane, I wouldn't have finished it. I should have listened to Lexx who kept on pointing out while our plane got delayed in Sydney airport, that there was a bookshop next to our gate, and this was my last chance. He is a smart boy. Or he just got annoyed listening to me swear under my breath at the book in the first airport, on the first plane, and then in the second airport. Oops.

I gave it 1.5 stars, as it was well written for what it was, and it did have a couple of Palahniuk-esq twists in it, that I didn't see coming. And I knew a lot about gender reassignment surgery for when it randomly came up on the beach in Thailand by some of our friends. Which is where the book got left too. I can let you know which hotel if you're keen.

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