Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Day Watch

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In October I read Night Watch, for a Kazakhstan/Russian read. I picked up the sequel, Day Watch, as I enjoyed it so much. This book follows on, but instead of focusing on the Night Watch, it, as the name suggests focuses on the Day Watch. However I found this slightly not the case, as the stories frequently flick from the Day Watch agent's perspective to that of previously met Night Watch agents. Where as you felt in Night Watch that he liked his characters, does not seem to feel that way about the Day Watch and seems to keep running back to the previous characters he prefers more.

I noted the technology being dated a lot more in this book. I know they were walking around Moscow with minidisc players in the last book, but I viewed it as a quirk. However the running to their desktops to open Netscape to start searching made me laugh. Mental note to self, if ever I write a book, don't mention operating systems or search engines. In a few years they seem ridiculously out of date.

But it was still fun, just not as much. But you get taken further than Moscow in this volume, passing into the Crimea, Ukraine and Prague. I still will read the other two though. I still love the style of writing, the Russian tone. Cannot get enough of it.

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