Thursday, 7 February 2013

A State of Symmetry - #29

I lasted 26 pages. And let me tell you why.

- The guy uses too may commas. Now I know I am the comma queen. But I also do a lot of proofreading. And when *I* am yelling "Why is that comma there?!? It's completely unnecessary!!" You know you are in trouble.

- He refers to every character by their full name (not just Joe Blogs, but Joe Alfred Blogs) every time they are mentioned. Every. Single. Time.

- He seems to think he's the modern reincarnation of Homer. He chooses a bad epithet and repeats it ad nauseam.

- The guy also doesn't believe in quotation marks. It was all jumbled together who was speaking when and if they had paused or if they were telling you that they looked off into the distance - using their full names of course. For I while I was trying to work out if everyone in South Africa thought of themselves in the third person. And then realised my South African friends didn't, he was just trying to be all hip and stream of consciousness, without being a stream of consciousness and oh it's just rubbish.

I said last night about the book "I was ticked off at 5 pages. I'm very grumpy at 12. There may be fire at 20 if it doesn't pick up." I lasted until p26 and I'll admit there was not fire (I thought setting alight a book in my bed after midnight would not be appreciated by the other occupant) so it was thrown. Hard.

A complete garbled mess.

I have Zoo City on my list already for this year, so I will substitute it in for South Africa.

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