Sunday, 15 April 2012

An Aside

So, I read one book for my trip around the world. And then one weekend I left my book at work. So I decided I would get a head start on the next book. My partner had a different idea. He decided I should read Faerie Tale by Raymond E Feist, and didn't stop bugging me until I started it in the interests of domestic harmony.

Life I feel cannot be so bad when the worst thing that happens on the weekend is that your partner harasses you to read a book. In the scheme of things, that is pretty damn good. To be fair as well it caught my eye when I first looked at his bookshelves all those years ago and I just hadn't gotten around to picking it up.

So I picked it up. And waddled through it. It felt like I was reading one of those all-American good feeling books for the first half. With the baseball playing boys, the horse-riding, western girl, the move from California to "real America". It was a little nauseating. But honestly, that could be my own biases.

Then we got the fairies, who in their own right where an interesting mixture of all Faey mythology and quite interesting to read. At the end of the book when we had more fairy stuff and less America, it was really interesting. I wanted to know more about that world. That was interesting. And only about 170pp long. Unlike the 350pp before that could have been condensed, and I still could have learnt about the characters, and their discovery as well as the build up to the climax of the book.

Speaking of climaxes, this was my main beef (haha) with the book. What the hell is with all the penises? Everyone was pantless half the time it seemed, and if not they were talking or thinking about their penis. I really felt that Raymond E Feist may have issues he should talk to someone about. And stirrings in groins and nipples hardening and give it up already!! I understand the idea of the Faey having almost sexual control over humans. That is established, but it isn't necessary to be waving it all over the place. And the human on human interactions didn't really need it either.

In the end an enjoyable read, once I tuned out the over abundance of members. Maybe I need to be a teenage boy to love the book as much as those who recommended it to me (who read it as teenage boys).

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