Thursday, 1 September 2011

Grrrr... Argh...

From 4 August 2011:

I've been busy. Mind-numbingly, exhaustingly busy. The only reason I'm posting is because I have time to waste while I copy files to entertain an Visiting Fellow who has fallen ill on their first weekend she has in a new city. This tells me things could be worse, but my body isn't buying it.

The Graveyard Book was beautiful. I opened it after The Great Gatsby and my partner found me smiling broadly to myself while reading it in bed. Neil Gaiman has a wonderful way of whipping you away on a magical journey with a few pages absolutely dripping with description. But not in a Dickens-ish way where there is an over description about everything. Everything is necessary. It places you directly in his world. I have a big crush on Neil Gaiman and this book did not disappoint.

Angela Carter however. Her editor, if not her should be shot. Retelling of fairy tales are all well and good. But not when you tell the same story you just told again. Twice. Boring and repetitive. Not terrible writing though, so I shouldn't whinge too much.

I started The Finkler Question, and I'm enjoying it. I tried to read it on the plane yesterday but didn't get very far. My boss kept on remembering things I needed to do and so I kept on trying to remember to remember them. Not sure if I succeeded in that either... Maybe I'll get some more reading in again soon.

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