Sunday, 25 January 2015

Last Rituals

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A boy is discovered murdered in a uni in Reykjavik with strange symbols carved into him, that tie back into Iceland's witchcraft past. Don't mind if I do. I mean, I really don't think you need to add anything else to that description to make it pure Rusalka crack.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the protagonist Thora, although I think she is a little naive about her teenage son. I found her interesting and likeable. The murder and mystery was enjoyable and not too obvious or unbelievable. I loved the mythology and witchcraft history. I read the majority of this book in an afternoon. I also finally worked out how Icelandic last names work.

I've read a lot of reviews saying this book was boring and dense. I wonder if we read the same book. I found it neither of these. I am really keen to read more in the series.


I dislike the end of year. Well. I love it. But I also dislike it. 

There are great things that happen. So many things. I rarely am at home from the 20th October onwards. One day I wake up and it's around the 6th January. This was even more so in 2014. Real life coupled with ridiculous work commitments.

I read. I read a fair bit. I have about 10 books sitting here for reviews. But we've gotten to such a huge pile I am now procrastinating.

So to make myself catch up and get over being scared of the pile, I'll shall just do some mini/short reviews. These should start spamming the page in the next couple of days.

Well. That's the plan. I make no promises on the length.